Selling a business is not as cut-and-dry as simply selling a piece of real estate. Putting your business up for sale is time consuming and requires a lot of legal considerations. This process is one that can take years in order to yield the most rewards for the seller. One Source Business Solutions LLC brokerage services are a comprehensive service that offers broker, accountant, and attorney assistance to ensure that the entire process goes without a hitch.

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What are the Steps Involved?

Finding Reasons to Sell Your Business

Owners sell their businesses for many reasons including retirement, professional or marital disputes, illness or just becoming bored. However, many decide to sell because profits are low. This is when professional services should be contacted to increase the company’s sale potential. After all, you would never buy a failing business, would you? Before selling, hiring outside assistance can help you increase profits, develop secure customers, maintain reliable staff and to ensure the physical property is in good condition. Believe it or not, steps like these should be made years prior to selling a business.

Getting a Business Valuation

Before you can sell anything, you must first appraise it. OneSource Business Solutions provides valuations geared towards creating the greatest profit for sellers. We will draft a detailed report of your business’s value. We use this to help you find solutions for making your business more desirable.

Advertising Your Sale

Marketing your business can be a full-time job. Luckily, brokers at OneSource Business Solutions will take all the time-consuming work out of showcasing your company. This way, you can continue to run your business successfully while your broker attracts the eager potential buyers for you. Our brokers keep close-knit relationships with our clients to ensure all their specific advertising requests are fulfilled.

Our brokers also take the time to ensure prospective buyers are qualified for financing your business, will handle negotiations, get agreements drafted, find multiple interested buyers and keep in constant communication.

Handling Paperwork

Before finding a buyer, you need get all your financial ducks in a row. But, don’t worry … our brokers will assist you in that too. You will need to get accountant assistance in reviewing financial statements, building leasing paperwork, and tax returns from the last few years. You are also going to need to create summaries of every piece of equipment included in the sale.

Considering How to Handle the Profit

Even after the sale is finalized, the process is not over completely. Having a financial professional assist you in the management of your newly acquired wealth from the sale of your business is of utmost importance.