Human Resources Advisory in Lancaster & Surrounding Areas

Your employees are your greatest asset. Your company’s continued success and growth depends on your ability to attract, motivate, and retain quality employees.

Small businesses and startups that do not have an internal human resources department benefit greatly from bringing in outside HR business consultants for many reasons.

Our Human Resources Advisory Services include:

  • Developing job descriptions.
  • Preparing employee handbooks.
  • Supplying employee application and evaluation forms.
  • Setting up and maintaining personnel files.
  • Advising on policies, procedures, practices, and compensation issues.
  • Keeping you informed of the constantly changing federal and state employment laws and ensuring compliance.


Small business-owners can’t waste valuable time sifting through piles of applicants when the truth is that many are simply not the right fit. Our HR advisors can come in and show you recruitment strategies and expertise to build your ideal employee pool. And while some consultants do not actually evaluate candidates, One Source Business Solutions can create applications that work and filter through applicants so that your time is only spent with the highest quality applicants. In turn, ultimately saving your company time and cost-per-hire. That’s something you can take to the bank.


Got a sticky employee situation that you really don’t feel comfortable dealing with yourself? Hiring an outside HR consultant trained in peaceful and professional workplace disputes can resolve issues tactfully and lawfully. This not only prevents the headache and hassle, but also is a proactive measure against employee dissatisfaction or risks of liability.

Strategy & Expertise

Hiring an HR advisor can help develop the overall flow and structure of your business. They will be able to evaluate the HR functions your to ultimately create smooth day-to-day operations with tactical functions. When these tasks get placed in the capable hands of an HR consultant, small-business owners save valuable time and energy that they can use to continue growing their business in other ways.